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To get your website built you will need to follow these steps to get registered and on the reoccurring payment plan. Please make sure you have created an account on before you do these steps. Click Here to create an account.

Step 1. Register/Apply

Click on Register/Apply and fill out the registration form for PSM Classic Click Here To Register

Step 2. Site Build Payment

Click on Site Build Payment pay for your site build.  Make sure to enter the discount code "LAUNCH99" to get the current promo discount for this step.  Click here to submit your site build payment

Step 3. Subscription Registration

Next, you need to setup your website monthly or annual payment. Click here to sign up for the subscription.

Step 4. Site Map Submission Form

Now comes the part where you fill out your site map submission form. This gives us all of the information we need to take the demo website and turn it into your website! Note: you must be logged in and have completed the steps 1-3 before doing this step. Click here to submit your site map submission form

Once all 4 steps are completed you will be contacted within 2-3 Days with the next steps to connect your new website with your domain!

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