Frequently Asked Questions

We know that you may have questions, so hopefully, we have your answers here!

Q: Domain Address - What happens to my current website?
A: Once we have completed your website branding and building process we load the website onto our server. Then you simply have your domain name provider change the DNS settings to direct your domain to the new website location.

Q: Setup Domain - How to set up your domain DNS
Log in to your domain host, go to the domain management area and find the DNS editing options. 

Create a new CNAME record with the following settings:
• Host/Alias: www
• Destination/Target: s.multiscreensite.com

Point the root of your domain (domain.com) to your website. To do this, create two A records with the following settings:
• Host/Alias: @
• Destination/Target:

• Host/Alias: @
• Destination/Target:

Q: Editing The Website - Once my website is online how do I edit it?
A: We have an online editor tool that will allow you to log in and change any text or images on your website anytime you want! When we turn the site over to you there will be endless tools to edit content, change content and add content to any page on the website.  You will even be able to remove pages, move pages around and add pages as well!

Q: Shopping Cart - Do you offer one and/or how do I connect my current cart?
A: If you already have your own shopping cart with another company that is fine! Choose PSMWebClassic as your option and we will simply make the "Buy Photos" button direct over to your existing cart. PSMWebSolutions does not offer a cart option with our program.

Q: PrePay Systems - How do I get that set up?
A: With PrePay systems you need to get set up with them just like you would the shopping cart separately from us.  Once it is set up you will then provide us with the link they gave you and we will create a button to direct the link on your site.